Hitfilm Express Resources

Hitfilm Express Resources

The Best Free Video Editor (Hitfilm Express)

Hitfilm Express is a powerful video editor and compositor, which you can download 100% free! I recommend this video editor to all my customers, and it’s something I use to create my own videos.

I have After Effects, Premier Pro, Camtasia and multiple different online video apps… but Hitfilm Express is actually my go-to video tool. I create a lot of templates for it which I include in my products and bonuses, so I recommend you download Hitfilm Express to your computer, so that you can edit my templates.

Even though Hitfilm Express is free, it’s not a demo, it’s not a limited time trial, and your videos are not watermarked. You actually get a fully featured video editor.

What’s the catch? There is a paid version of the editor called Hitfilm Pro, plus they sell paid add-on packs. But you don’t need the Pro version or any of the add-on packs to edit my Hitfilm templates. All of my templates work perfectly fine with the free Hitfilm Express.

Download Hitfilm Express

If you don’t have Hitfilm Express installed on your computer yet, here is a link to download and install it.

Hitfilm Express introduction video

To help get you started with Hitfilm Express, here is a nice tutorial that breaks down the basics...

Can’t find what you need on this page?

Hitfilm Express has been around for years and has a big team behind it. They create their own tutorials and guides on how to use Hitfilm. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for on this page, feel free to go over to the Hitfilm support pages.

Here are links to the most useful pages: