Drag and Drop Videos V2 JV Doc

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Launch Date

December 10, 2022 at 10am EST

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Main offer

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With these links you can promote any individual upgrade offer. If you’re offering bonuses, add your affiliate links to these upgrades on your bonus delivery pages. This should make you extra sales without much extra work.


There is also a Bundle Deal where customers get the main product plus all the upgrades for a discounted price. You can promote this Bundle Deal directly using the link below…

Discount Coupons

Get $5 off the main FE offer with this coupon: v2launch

Get $50 off the bundle with this coupon: dragbundle

The coupons will be valid from December 10 at 12:00am - December 16 at 11:59pm EST

JV Cash Contest

No Teams. Individual contest only.

  1. $700
  2. $300
  3. $100

To qualify for the JV cash prizes, your commissions need to match or be higher than the prize amount. If your commissions are lower than the prize money, then your prize money will match your commissions.

Sales Page Previews

Sales pages are still being updated right up until launch


To help you promote and give your customers more value, I created a bonus page that gives customers 6 full products of mine as a bonus!

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Drag and drop your way to mazing looking videos All-in-one video creation suite Create ANY type of video with this Swiss Army knife of video creation Create amazing looking videos with this Create After Effects quality videos with this tool

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For support issues customers can email me at: max@maxrylski.com