Fantasy Coloring Pack

May 2 @ 10 am EST

Brand New Collection of 500+ Fantasy Coloring Pages For Adults and Kids (with PLR)

Plus Editable Book Covers and Mockups included (also with PLR)



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What is Fantasy Coloring Pack?

This product is a brand new collection of high quality coloring pages featuring popular fantasy characters and creatures like: Princess, unicorn, dragon, leprechaun, fairy, ogre, troll, phoenix, and more.

  • Brand new and made in-house (so not available anywhere else).
  • All of the coloring pages are high resolution: 2550 X 3300 (8” x 11”).
  • Adult and Kid coloring pages included.
  • Editable book covers included (Canva free version).
  • Editable 3D mockups included (PSD).
  • PLR license included to all of the coloring pages, book covers, mockups, etc..

500+ Coloring Pages In 15 Catagories

The coloring pages in this pack feature beloved fantasy characters and creatures like: Princess, unicorn, dragon, leprechaun, fairy, ogre, troll, phoenix, and more. There are 15 different characters and each one comes with 30 - 50 coloring pages… for a total of over 500 different coloring pages.


High Quality and Detailed

The images in this collection are high quality and detailed with crisp outlines, perfect for coloring. They’re also in high resolution: 2550 × 3300 (8” x 11”).


Adult and Kids Coloring Pages Included

Coloring pages are loved by both kids and adults, and with this pack you’ll get both versions. Each of the fantasy characters comes with an adult and kids version. One version is more realistic and detailed (for adults) and the other version is more cute and simple (for kids).

Here are some examples below featuring Phoenix, Mermaid, Ogre and Dragon. You can see the differences between the adult and kid versions…


With and Without Backgrounds

You’ll get different variations of images, some with and some without bakgrounds.


For full details check out the sales page…

The Sales Funnel

FE: $17 - Fantasy Coloring Pack (with PLR) - 500+ brand new Fantasy coloring pages, plus editable Canva book covers, PSD mockups, and more.

OTO1: $37 - Deluxe Coloring Pack (with PLR) - 100’s more coloring pages featuring new Fantasy characters and creatures like: Hobbit, Wizard, King, Prince, Kraken, Loch Ness Monster, Dwarf, Warlock, Witch, Werewolf, Giant, and more.

OTO2: $37 - Landscapes and Backgrounds Coloring Pack (with PLR) - 1,000+ coloring pages with different environments and locations. These can be used by themselves or combined with characters from the main and deluxe pack to create unique scenes.

OTO3: $37 - Art Makers Pack 2-in-1 (with PLR) - Turn any image into an outline drawing, pencil sketch, painting, cartoon, and more. This offer comes with Art Makers Pack V1 and V2 for the price of 1.

OTO4: $37 - Simple Sketch Video Kit (with PLR) - Turn your coloring pages or any other images into animated sketch videos.

(Get 50% commissions on the entire sales funnel)

Why promote this product?


I have been selling graphics related products and services for 20+ years, and I’m a premium seller on Warrior Plus and JVZoo with 10,000’s of sales and very low refunds.

I put great care into each product I create, and try to overdeliver. Customers love the products, and affiliates end up making nice commissions.

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