Independence Day 2023

Going live July 4th at 10am EST

Earn 60% Commissions And Share a Great 6-in-1 Graphics Deal With Your Customers

Including: Camtasia templates, motion backgrounds, device mockups, cutout PNG illustrations, mascot characters, and more…

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To celebrate Independence Day, I put together a special Summer Sale where people can grab 6 of my latest graphics products for a highly discounted price. These are full products that sell today for $19.99 - $49.99 each, but with this offer people can grab all 6 with a huge 80% discount (with either Commercial or PLR license).

People love special offers and holiday sales, and these types of offers have converted well for me in the past. Your customers will get a great deal and I'm giving affiliates 60% commissions during the promo.

What’s included in the Summer 2023 Special…

Epic Trailer Camtasia Template

Create EPIC Cinematic Video Trailers Using Just Camtasia

Easy to use - Simply drag and drop your videos & text inside
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Everything you see in the demo video is included (music tracks, videos, special effects, etc..)
  • Easily replace videos and music with your own if you want
  • Fully edit the text (change fonts, resize, move around, change colors, etc..)
  • Works with Camtasia 2022

Want to make your videos look EPIC? This easy to use template will do the trick.

The video you see at the top of this page was created 100% using Camtasia. I saved that video as a template and I’m making it available for you to use in your projects.

The template is for a made up movie trailer on the theme of “People VS AI”. You can edit the template and make it for any other topic and theme. And you can use it to create all kinds of different videos, not just movie trailers.

Use this template to…

  • Create a trailer for a new product or book you’re launching
  • Create a short video for a PLR product you bought rights to
  • Create a video teaser for a new podcast episode featuring different guests
  • Create a short teaser for an upcoming YouTube video
  • Or just copy certain scenes or text animations that you like and paste them into your existing videos
Motion Backgrounds Pack

100 Brand New Motion Backgrounds To Spice Up Your Videos & Presentations

9 Different Styles Including: Abstract Particles, Speed Lines, Synthwave, Pop Art, Abstract Flames & more…

With this product you will get a collection of 100 brand new motion backgrounds in 9 different styles. You can use these motion backgrounds in your sales videos, online meetings, presentations, or any other occasion when you need a nice background.

3D Cute Mascot Animal Illustrations Pack

Add Dozens Detailed 3D Cute Animal Mascots To Your Projects

Great for videos, websites, children books, social posts, etc..

With this graphics pack you will get a collection of detailed 3D illustrations of cute animals. Using these types of cartoon mascots in your projects is a great way to add some creativity and excitement to what ever you are creating.

How can you use these illustrations?

  • Characters in cartoon / explainer videos - Create animated toon videos featuring these ready-to-go mascot illustrations.
  • On your websites, ebook covers, blog posts, etc.. - These graphics look great on any type of web design project.
  • Children books / videos - Children love cartoons and animals. With this graphics pack you can create something they relate to and have fun with.
  • On social posts and ads - Make your social graphics stand out by adding a cute and colorful 3D animal character along with some visually striking text.
  • For fun personal projects - Have some fun yourself and include these graphics in your family projects.

Some key features of this graphics pack:

Transparent Background

All of the graphics come with a transparent background so you can easily add them on top of any other designs and they will blend in perfectly.

Same Style and Angles

All of these illustrations come with the same style and camera angle. This makes it easy to group them together and create unique scenes with multiple characters.

HD Image Quality (1920 x 1920)

Each of the illustrations is highly detailed and has a stylized 3D cartoon style. You can see individual hairs and fur and other small details. The graphics are in 1920 x 1920 HD resolution, which is big enough for most types of web designs and videos.

Device Mockups Pack with PLR

Put Your Designs Inside Photo Realistic 3D Device Mockups In Just a Few Clicks

Get mockups for: laptops, phones, tablets, desktops, and monitors

Mockups are a great way to showcase your products and websites in action.

For example, instead of using a flat 2D screenshot of your website… you can add that screenshot inside a screen of a laptop or a tablet.

Or you can take a 2D image of your app and place it inside a mockup of a phone.

Mockups make it easy to all do all this without having a photo shoot yourself with your actual physical product.


Device Mockups Pack comes with 25 different mockups which include items like: Desktop, Laptop, Phone, Tablet, and Computer Monitor.

The mockups come in layered PSD format with smart object layers where you can add your own designs inside the mockups with just a few clicks.

These PSD files can be edited with Photoshop or a free online graphics editor called Photopea.

Desktop in 5 angles


Laptop in 5 angles


Phone in 5 angles


Tablet in 5 angles


Computer monitor in 5 angles

Camtasia Animated Quotes

Turn Plain Text and Images Into Animated Quote Videos - Using Camtasia

Easy to use - Simply drag and drop your images & text inside

Quotes videos mostly focus on text and usually have some slight animations that compliment the text. They might also have an image of the person who is saying the quote, or some kind of a background image or video.

All you need to create a quotes video is…

A short list of 5-10 quotes and maybe an image of the person saying the quotes. And a bit of creativity on how you combine the text with an image.

To help you with the creativity part and to save you time on actually creating the video itself, I put together a new pack of Quote Video Templates which you can edit in Camtasia.

Create animated quotes videos just like this:

The animated templates in this pack are for famous quotes from Marcus Aurelius. But you can easily replace the text and images to be for any other quotes from any other person. Or even use them for other text-based videos like recipes, jokes, quick tips, etc..

Animated Toonkit

Create Awesome Looking Animated Cartoon and Explainer Videos

With Done-For-You Camtasia templates & 100’s of animated assets

This product is all about helping you create great looking animated toon / explainer videos. It comes with done-for-you Camtasia templates and 100’s of animated toon assets that can be edited with any other video or graphics app.

There are 15 modules packed with animated toon characters, done-for-you scenes, animated typography, toon text styles, objects, ribbons, comic phrases, and much more.


Commercial License

Epic Trailer Camtasia Template - $19.99

Motion Backgrounds Pack - $29.99

Cute Mascot Animal Illustrations - $29.99

Device Mockups Pack - $29.99

Camtasia Animated Quotes - $19.99

Animated Toonkit - $19.99

Total value if bought separately = $139.94

PLR License

Epic Trailer Camtasia PLR - $29.99

Motion Backgrounds Pack PLR - $39.99

Cute Mascot Animals PLR - $29.99

Device Mockups Pack PLR - $39.99

Camtasia Animated Quotes PLR - $29.99

Animated Toonkit PLR - $49.99

Total value if bought separately = $219.94

These are not made up numbers of the products “value”, but actual prices these products sell for today and actual prices people have paid for them individually.

With the Summer Special deal, customers can grab all products for a fraction of the cost.

For full details check out the sales page…

Click here to preview the sales page (still being tweaked and improved)

The Sales Funnel

For this promo there are 2 different pricing options for the FE and each upgrade. People can choose between a Commercial or PLR license.

FE: $27 Commercial or $47 PLR - 6-in-1 Graphics Products Bundle

OTO1: $47 Commercial or $67 PLR - 8 More Graphics Products Bundle

OTO2: $47 Commercial or $67 PLR - 8 More Graphics Products Bundle

OTO3: $67 Commercial or $97 PLR 4-in-1 Premium PLR Special

60% FE Commissions: During launch week the FE commissions on both the Commercial and PLR License will be 60% (and 50% on rest of funnel). After launch week all commissions will be 50%.

Discounted Price: The prices after launch week will be going up from $27 (Commercial) and $47 (PLR) to $47 and $97.

Promo Dates: Both 60% commissions and discounted prices will be from July 4 at 10:00am to July 9 at 11:59pm.

Why promote this product?


I have been selling graphics related products and services for 18+ years, and I’m a premium seller on Warrior Plus and JVZoo with 10,000’s of sales and very low refunds.

I put great care into each product I create, and try to overdeliver. Customers love the products, and affiliates end up making nice commissions.

Start Promoting: July 4th @ 10 am EST

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