Simple Sketch Video Kit

November 13 @ 10 am EST

Turn Your Plain Images and Text Into Animated Sketch Videos - Fast & Easy

This video was created 100% with animations and templates from this package. You will get access to this same video template that you can edit with your own details.

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Introducing Simple Sketch Video Kit

Whiteboard sketch videos are really popular these days, and Simple Sketch Video Kit makes it super easy to create these type of video yourself.

  • Quickly and easily turn plain images into animated sketch videos
  • Choose from 4 art styles: line art, sketch, color sketch and painting
  • Choose from 25 artistic reveal animations: sketch lines, ink drops, grunge, and more
  • Mix and match animations and art styles to create your own scenes
  • Create photo slideshows, whiteboard videos, logo reveals, animated backgrounds, mockups and more
  • Done-for-you templates included

What can you create with Simple Sketch Video Kit?


Animated whiteboard drawings

Make it look as if your images are being drawn on a whiteboard one at a time.

Animated portrait photos with a signature

Introduce yourself or some other person in style with animated photo reveals and a handwritten signature.


Animated Mockups

Create animated mockups for books, software boxes, magazines, etc..

Sketch style logo reveals

Make it look like your logo is being sketched into your video (or go from line art to a colorful logo).


Animated Maps

Create cinematic map animations where an area is slowly revealed or turns from black and white to color (or any other art style).

Photo Slideshows

Turn your photos into animated slideshows where you reveal each photo in an interesting way.


Give Your Projects An Instant Makeover

The above are just a few examples of what you can do, and you can do so much more. You can copy & paste the animations on top of any text, logo, video or image. Create ads, VSL scenes, intros, outros, logo stingers, viral images, invitations, Instagram stories, and much more.


Turn Plain Images Into Animated Sketches In 3 Simple Steps…

STEP 1: Turn your image into art

Make any image look like Line Art, Sketch, Color Sketch, or Painting. You just drag and drop your image inside the smart template and hit save. It literally takes just a few clicks.

You can also control the intensity of each effect: how sharp the lines are, how colorful the image is, how much shading there is, change the blending mode, and more.

STEP 2: Animate your image

This step is all about animating your static image. Here you can choose from 25 different artistic reveal animations (plus add optional movement animations).

In this example…

  • I added a grunge reveal animation to the road painting
  • Added a cutout photo of a man on top
  • Added some subtle 2.5D parallax animation to create a moving scene
STEP 3: Add handwritten text

In this final step I will show you how to create a self writing text effect using a free online AI tool and how to add it to your scene.

With this tool you can type in any text you want and make it appear as if it’s being written down in handwriting (in multiple different styles).

The final animation can be saved as an MP4 video and added to any video editor.

So in 3 steps we went from a plain image to an awesome animated sketch…

Before: Plain images of road and man


After: Animated sketch scene


Do even more with these optional steps…


Mix’n Match Art Styles & Animations

Turn you image into several different art styles and add a different animation to each style to create unique effects.

For example make a line art image animate first and then gradually paint it with color.

Add reveal animation inside shapes

You can mask the artistic reveal animations inside different shapes like speech bubbles, circles, frames, etc..


Turn Web Graphics Into Line Art

Let’s say you bought some we graphics, in the past like badges, icons, explainer objects, etc.. You can turn those graphics into line art with just a few clicks.

Or skip all steps above with Done-For-You Camtasia Templates

There are a lot of creative things you can do with this product, and to get you started I created 25 different templates for you. You’ll get done-for-you scenes with all kinds of different scenarios featuring all of the examples I showed on this page and more.

You can use these templates as a starting point for your own designs, and quickly swap out the photos with your own, add you own text, mix and match different effects, etc..


For full details check out the sales page…

Click here to preview the sales page (still being tweaked and improved)

The Sales Funnel

For this promo there are 2 different pricing options for the FE and each upgrade. People can choose between a Commercial or PLR license.

FE: $19.99 Commercial or $39.99 PLR - Simple Sketch Video Kit

OTO1: $19.99 Commercial or $39.99 PLR - Art Makers Pack. Unlock 9 more Art Makers that turn plain images into pencil sketches, paintings, comic book drawings, and more.

OTO2: $19.99 Commercial or $39.99 PLR - Sketch Animations Pack. Unlock 100’s done-for-you animated sketch graphics that you can copy and paste into your videos.

OTO3: $77 Commercial or $147 PLR - Bundle of 8 previous graphics products at a discount

(Get 50% commissions on entire sales funnel)

Why promote this product?


I have been selling graphics related products and services for 18+ years, and I’m a premium seller on Warrior Plus and JVZoo with 10,000’s of sales and very low refunds.

I put great care into each product I create, and try to overdeliver. Customers love the products, and affiliates end up making nice commissions.

Start Promoting November 13 @ 10 am EST

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