Video Backdrops Pro V2

May 7 @ 10 am EST

Earn 60% Commissions Promoting The ULTIMATE Video Backdrops Collection

BRAND NEW V2 release with HD green screen video backgrounds plus bonus motion backgrounds, virtual studios, background images, and more

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What is Video Backdrops Pro V2?

Backgrounds are a big part of any video or design project. You can make any project look better by just replacing the background.

Whether it's for green screen videos, sales videos, presentations, online meetings, etc... A high quality background plays a huge role.

Video Backdrops Pro V2 comes with 100’s of brand new HD backdrops that you can copy and paste into your projects to make them look awesome!

  • Instantly improve your videos with 1 simple tweak.
  • Get 100’s of premium HD backdrops for price of 1.
  • Backdrops for spokesperson videos PLUS motion backgrounds, live footage, VSL, image backgrounds and more...
  • Commercial License Included (so you can create videos for clients)
  • PLR License available (so you can sell this product to others under your name)

Make your videos look awesome with one simple tweak

BEFORE: Plain background


AFTER: Video Backdrops Pro V2 added


As you can see from the examples above, adding an office background to the spokesperson video makes it look more life-like and professional.

Video Backdrops Pro V2 comes with a brand new collection of photo-realistic spokesperson backdrops


Backdrop environments your viewers can relate to

There aren’t many places to buy video backgrounds specifically for spokesperson videos. The ones that are out there mostly come with nature and outdoor videos, and the ones that give you indoor video backdrops usually have high-tech environments.

This collection comes with real indoor environments like: living room, office, bedroom, etc.. So that you can put yourself, or any other green screen spokesperson into an environment that your video viewers can relate to.

Super realistic backdrops with moving elements

Using video backdrops for spokesperson videos is better than static images because they look more natural and realistic. Look closely at the preview below…


The tree in the window is slightly waving in the wind. If the tree didn’t move at all (like in a static image), the background would not look as real.

All of the backgrounds in this pack have moving elements like trees waving in the wind, cars on the road, people walking, etc..

100’s more bonus backdrops included

The main focus of this product is on backgrounds for green screen and spokesperson videos, but in case you need more variety, there are 100’s more bonus backgrounds for other types of videos like…

Real Footage Videos


Virtual Studios


Motion Backgrounds


Image Backgrounds


VSL Image Backgrounds


And more…

Customers get a TON of value with this!

In all customers get 100’s high quality backdrops for their videos on the FE alone. All video backdrops are full HD 1080p in MP4 format. And the image backdrops are also 1920 x 1080 and in PNG or JPEG formats. So they’re compatible with pretty much every video editor / app that allows to import assets.

If you have a “video” related list, this is something they’ll find really useful. It’s great value and a great offer that I’m sure your people will love!

Sales Funnel & Pricing

For this promo there are 2 different pricing options. Customers get to choose between a Commercial License or a PLR License on the FE and each upgrade.

Discount: During launch week the FE price will be $22 for Commercial License and $44 for PLR License. After launch week the prices will jump up to $29.99 and $49.99.

60% FE Commissions: During launch week the FE commissions on both the Commercial and PLR License will be 60% (and 50% on rest of funnel). After launch week all commission will be 50%.

FE: $22 or $44 Video Backdrops 2 - 100’s green screen video backgrounds, motion backgrounds, virtual studios, and more.

Upgrade 1: $39 or $49 Backgrounds Mega Pack - Get DOUBLE the backgrounds plus unlock new backgrounds not available in the man offer.

Upgrade 2: $29 or $39 Motion Backgrounds Pack - Brand new collection of 9 sets of animated video backgrounds in different styles.

Upgrade 3: $39 or $49 Background Makers and Source Files - Create your own custom backgrounds with source PSD and PNG files.

Upgrade 4: $49 - $99 Bundle of related products - This upgrade comes with a bundle of related video and graphics products for a discounted price.

Why promote this product?


I have been selling graphics related products and services for 18+ years, and I’m a premium seller on Warrior Plus with 10,000’s of sales and very low refunds.

I put great care into each product I create, and try to overdeliver. Customers love the products, and affiliates end up making nice commissions.

Start Promoting: May 7 @ 10 am EST