Video Sketch Makers

June 16 @ 10 am EST

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Turn ANY VIDEO Into An Animated Sketch, Painting, Cartoon or Blackboard Drawing - In Under 1 Minute

5-in-1 Video Sketch Makers: Instantly apply 5 sketch effects to any video

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What is Video Sketch Makers?

Everyone is using video these days and it’s getting harder to get your videos noticed and make them stand out from everyone else. This product will give your videos an instant makeover.

With this product you will get 5 different “makers” that will instantly transform ANY video into a pencil sketch, textured sketch, cartoon, painting, or blackboard drawing.

It’s a super easy way to make your videos look more interesting and stand out from everyone else, without doing any hard work.

These effects can be applied to literally ANY video you have saved on your computer. And the best thing is how easy it is to use…

It’s SUPER EASY to use

You simply drag any video you have saved on your computer into where it says “PUT YOUR MEDIA HERE” and hit save… then your video will magically transform into an animated sketch, painting, blackboard drawing, etc..

And you can then export this new animated video as an MP4 in full HD 1080p resolution to your computer. Do this to as many videos as you want and export unlimited videos.


Instantly Apply 5 Different Animated Effects To Your Videos

All of the effects have been tweaked with the best settings, so you don’t have to mess with complicated menus. Simply drag and drop your videos inside, and create animated effects just like this in minutes…

#1: Pencil Sketch Maker


Make your videos look like a hand drawn pencil sketch animation.


#2: Textured Sketch Maker


This is a more grainy sketch effect with some texture and a border around the video.

Great for action videos, sports videos, fitness videos, etc..


#3. Colorful Cartoon Maker


Create a colorful cartoon style animation out of any video. This effect is more fancy and colorful then the previous 2 effects and will make your videos POP.


#4: Painting Maker


This is another fancy looking effect that will turn videos into a colorful animated painting with faded borders.


#5: Blackboard Maker


This effect makes it look as if your video was drawn on a blackboard with a chalk.

The effect turns your video into a white outline with a chalk texture and a blackboard background.


These “Video to Sketch” makers work great with any type of video. You can use them with stock videos you bought, your own personal videos, videos you created in another video app, etc..

What the product comes with:

Hitfilm Templates - The Sketch Makers are created for a free video editor called Hitfilm. So you will need to download Hitfilm to your computer in order to use this product. I will show you where to download it 100% free. Once you download it, the sketch makers are super easy to use. You literally just drag your videos inside a folder and the effects are applied automatically. You can then render the animated sketch videos as MP4s in 1080p resolution to your computer.
Video Tutorial - I will also show you step by step how to use the “Makers” with Hitfilm to turn your videos into animated sketches.

The Sales Funnel

For this promo there are 2 different pricing options. Customers get to choose between a Commercial License or a PLR License on the FE and each upgrade.

Discount: During launch week the FE price will be $17 for Commercial License and $37 for PLR License. After launch week the prices will jump up to $29.99 and $49.99.

60% FE Commissions: During launch week the FE commissions on both the Commercial and PLR License will be 60% (and 50% on rest of funnel). After launch week all commissions will be 50%.

FE: $17 - $37  Video Sketch Makers: 5-in-1 Video Sketch Makers: Instantly apply 5 sketch effects to any video. Turn ANY VIDEO Into An Animated Sketch, Painting, Cartoon or Blackboard Drawing - In Under 1 Minute.

OTO1: $19.99 - $39.99 Art Makers Pack: 9-in-1 Image Sketch Makers to turn any image into a sketch, painting, cartoon, line drawing, and more.

OTO2: $19.99 - $39.99 Simple Sketch Video Kit: This product comes with tools and templates to turn regular images into animated sketch videos. Create photo slideshows, whiteboard videos, logo reveals, animated backgrounds, mockups and more.

OTO3: $19.99 - $39.99 Sketch Animations Pack: 100’s of sketch graphics to add to your videos. What makes the package on this page different from other doodle graphics packs is that all of the graphics in this pack are animated. The subtle animations make the graphics more engaging and interesting to look at.

OTO4: $29.99 - $49.99: Sketch Graphics Bundle: Collection of several different sketch graphics packs with SVG and PNG illustrations.

Why promote this product?


I have been selling graphics related products and services for 18+ years, and I’m a premium seller on Warrior Plus with 10,000’s of sales and very low refunds.

I put great care into each product I create, and try to overdeliver. Customers love the products, and affiliates end up making nice commissions.

Launching June 16 @ 10 am EST