How to edit Groups

How To Edit Groups

A lot of my templates come with Groups which have multiple different tracks inside them. I use Groups to make it easier to manage all of the different assets, text, shapes, etc.. When you put all of these elements inside a group it makes it much easier to move everything at once and to organize all of the content.

BEFORE: Lots of tracks


AFTER: All tracks grouped making it easy to manage


There are 2 easy ways to edit the contents within a Group…

METHOD 1. Edit a Group using Quick Properties

If you just want to quickly edit the text and colors of a scene, you can use this simple method.

On the Camtasia Timeline click on the Group you want to edit. Then on the Group Properties panel click on Quick Properties. From there you have a simple menu where you can edit all of the text and colors.


METHOD 2. Open and edit Group

With this method you have more control over and flexibility of what you can edit. You can move things around, resize things, delete certain elements, etc..

On the Camtasia Timeline click on the little + icon on the Group you want to edit.


This will open the Group with all of the different content within it. And now you can fully edit each individual element.


If you want to learn more about Groups here is a short video tutorial from the Camtasia team…