eCover Mockups Pack Upgrade 3

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Web Displays, eCovers, Bundles, Isolated Hands & Hand Drawn Mockups

Want more mockups? With this upgrade you can unlock 5 more sets of all kinds of different styles, giving you a lot more variety and flexibility in the type of mockups you can create.

Let me show you what you get…

Module 1

Web Display Mockups

Take a screenshot of your website (or any other image) and put it inside these “web display mockups”. Multiple different angles are included with 1-11 displays.


Module 2: More eCover Mockups

This module contains 9 different eCover smart templates that create different type of eCovers in different angles.

Each eCover has been carefully hand crafted to make it look as realistic and high quality as possible, while at the same time making it fast loading.

All of these eCovers are in high resolution (300 DPI) and can be used for print.

Another cool thing about these eCovers is they all have very similar perspectives, so they can easily be combined into bundles.

Note: The sample images below are scaled down for the web. The actual PSD templates are much bigger in size and can be used for print (300 PDI).

Module 3: More Bundle Mockups

Module 4

Isolated Hands Holding Mockups

This is a set of mockups where hands are holding different devices and items like: Phones, business cards, laptops, and posters. These mockups also come on transparent background, so you can put them on top of any other design or website.


Module 5

Hand Drawn Mockups

Put your designs inside hand drawn devices. Create hybrid mockups where your content is inside all kinds of hand drawn devices like: laptops, desktops, video players, books, phones, tablets, web browsers, and more.


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