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Grab 500+ High Quality Fantasy Coloring Pages For Adults and Kids (with PLR)


Introducing Fantasy Coloring Pages Pack

  • Highly Detailed Images - in 2550 X 3300 HD resolution
  • 15 Different Fantasy Characters Included - princess, unicorn, dragon, mermaid, troll, fairy, ogre, and more
  • For Adults and Kids - Each of the fantasy characters comes with an adult and kids version
  • PLR License included (so you can use the graphics in your own and client projects AND sell them to others)

500+ Coloring Pages In 15 Catagories

The coloring pages in this pack feature beloved fantasy characters and creatures like: Princess, unicorn, dragon, leprechaun, fairy, ogre, troll, phoenix, and more. There are 15 different characters and each one comes with 30 - 50 coloring pages… for a total of over 500 different coloring pages.


Great Looking HD Coloring Pages

The images in this collection are high quality and detailed with crisp outlines, perfect for coloring. They’re also in high resolution: 2550 × 3300 (8” x 11”).


Adult and Kids Coloring Pages Included

Coloring pages are loved by both kids and adults, and with this pack you’ll get both versions. Each of the fantasy characters comes with an adult and kids version. One version is more realistic and detailed (for adults) and the other version is more cute and simple (for kids).

Here are some examples below featuring Phoenix, Mermaid, Ogre and Dragon. You can see the differences between the adult and kid versions…


With and Without Backgrounds

You’ll get different variations of images, some with and some without bakgrounds.


PLR License Included

All of the coloring pages and bonus content comes with a PLR License. With this license you can use the coloring pages yourself, for commercial purposes, and can even sell them to others (more on the exact license later below).

Let Me Show You All The Coloring Pages That You Get…

Princess Coloring Pages


Dragon Coloring Pages


Knight Coloring Pages


Bigfoot Coloring Pages


Gnome Coloring Pages


Goblin Coloring Pages


Fairy Coloring Pages


Minotaur Coloring Pages


Troll Coloring Pages


Elf Coloring Pages


Mermaid Coloring Pages


Leprechaun Coloring


Phoenix Coloring Pages


Unicorn Coloring Pages


Ogre Coloring Pages



BONUS #1: Book Cover Canva Templates

You will also get book covers for each set of coloring pages. You can edit these book covers using a free version of Canva.


BONUS #2: PSD Mockups

You will also get 3D mockups featuring book covers plus some samples of the coloring pages. You can easily replace the main cover plus each of the sample images with your own.


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PLR License

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