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Start Your Own Graphics Empire With This 50-in-1 PLR Graphics Products Special

I’ve been creating and selling graphics content online for over 18 years now. It’s what I do best, and people know me as “the graphics guy”.

On this page you have an opportunity to grab over 50 of my past graphics products in multiple different categories.

I sold these PLR products before for $60 - $97 EACH. But with the offer on this page you can have them all with a massive discount.

Let me show you what you get...

PLR To All Versions Of Marketing Graphics Toolkit

With the offer on the previous page you got PLR to Marketing Graphics Toolkit V3. On this page you can get PLR to all other versions (V1, V2, V4, and V5)...


Marketing Graphics Toolkit V1 – This is my very first MGT package and the product that started it all. It comes with 21 modules of high quality graphics, specifically for Internet Marketers.


Marketing Graphics Toolkit V2 – This is a followup to my first MGT pack. It also comes with 21 graphics modules for Internet Marketers.


Marketing Graphics Toolkit V4 – This is my biggest MGT pack with 30 modules (instead of usual 21).


Marketing Graphics Toolkit V5 – This is my latest MGT package.


PLR To 47 More Products I Created ($1,000's in value)

I’ve created a lot of graphics products over the years. The products below are some of my older products. Most of them are still as relevant today as they were when I first released them. These are products I’ve put my own name on and sold to my own customers… so they’re all high quality.

I used to sell PLR to these product for $60 - $97 each. If you do the math 47 products times $97 is... $4,559 in real value!


Here is a small sample of what you get with these products...


Create awesome looking 3D text

The “Killer Text” product comes with different tools that allows you to turn regular text into fancy looking 3D text... with just a few clicks.


Create 3D displays out of screenshots

With “3D Web Display Maker” you can turn regular screenshot images into 3D displays.


Turn any text, shape or icon into 3D

With Easy Icon Maker you can create awesome looking 3D logos, icons, text, and much more... all in just a few minutes using a unique set of Photoshop actions and layer styles.

5 Different 3D PerspectivesTo Choose From...


Get 2,500+ IM Web graphics

You’ll get a huge library of marketing graphics in transparent PNG and animated GIF.

  • 84 Checkmarks and Bullets
  • 144 "Call To Action" buttons
  • 18 Guarantee signs
  • 468 Letters
  • 162 Numbers
  • 360 Keyboard Signs
  • 96 Arrows
  • 126 Attention Headlines
  • 162 "Bonus" icons
  • 36 Headers
  • 36 Footers
  • 87 Blank Graphics Elements

Get 100’s editable banner templates in different sizes

The 12 exact banner sizes you get (for each banner) are:

120x240, 120x600, 125x125, 160x600, 180x150, 200x200, 234x60, 250x250, 300x250, 336x280, 468x60, 728x90.

100’s Premium Header Templates


With “Premium Headers Pack” lineup of products you will get 100’s of layered PSD header graphics.

All of the formatting, styling, and color combinations are already in place. The whole "design" part is done, so you don't have to have an eye for that sort of thing to create a great header. It's all done for you.

You can...

  1. Use these headers as is. Just change the text to your text, and maybe add an image of your own. And boom you have a killer header in minutes.
  2. Play around with the colors and styles. Create your own color schemes to match your site. Move things around. Resize the header to you exact size. Customize just certain elements. And in just a few minutes you can have a fairly different and unique look.
  3. Or just take certain parts you like from a header (like text or some effects or some layouts), and add them to any of your own existing graphics to spice them up.

100’s of Pricing Graphics

We all need certain areas of our websites or designs to stand out, and one of those things are the prices of our products.

So to help you make your prices stand out I created this set of pricing graphics.

These graphics cover pretty much every way of how you can display your price.... you'll get pricing tables, price stickers, price badges, Add To Cart buttons with prices on them, and more.

Make your headlines POP with Killer Visual Headlines

"Killer Visual Headlines" is a collection of PSD templates that will make it super easy for you to create awesome looking headlines. These templates come with professionally formatted text with all the cool effects already in place like: the best fonts, color combinations, drop shadows, strokes, underlines, highlights, etc..


Create Your Own Badges, Logos and More With “Premium Retro Badges Pack”

Customize the layered PSD files to create 100's of different badge and logo variations!


Get 100’s of web elements graphics

Web Banner Templates - for creating promo banners. They each have a simple and clean design that can be used for any market. Just add your own text (and maybe an image) and you have a great looking banner in minutes. These templates come in several different sizes and colors.

Web Sliders - These are templates for creating web sliders on your blog or website. They also have a very clean and modern design, and will look great on any type of website or blog.

Web Elements - This section contains all kinds of different graphics like stars, ribbons, buttons, stickers, tooltips, etc.. These are all the little "web elements" that add that extra touch to any design.

You Get Both Layered PSD Files+ "Web Ready" Transparent PNGsTo All The Graphics!

The above is a small sample of everything included. I don’t want to make this page too long, so I’ll stop with the examples above. With this offer you get 50+ graphics products with PLR, and 10,000’s of individual graphics items.

To hire someone to create all of this content from scratch would cost $1,000’s. And to create it yourself would take 100’s of hours. With the offer on this page you can own all this content for a fraction of the cost.

Each Product Comes With Everything You Need To Start Selling…


Here’s what can you do with a PLR License with all these products:


Get Graphics Empire In A Box For Just a One Time Extra Payment Of…

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