Spokesperson Toolkit

Drag & Drop Your Way To Amazing Looking Green Screen Spokesperson Videos

With done-for-you templates, assets & training to save you HOURS of time
This video was created 100% with animations and template from this package. You will get access to this same video template that you can edit with your own details.

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Introducing Spokesperson Toolkit

Spokesperson Toolkit is all about helping you create amazing looking spokesperson and green screen videos. It comes with done-for-you templates that combine pre-keyed spokespeople, with text animations, motion graphics and backgrounds.

With this product you will get a whole suite of different tools and templates that will save you hours of time and will make your spokesperson and green screen videos look top notch.

  • Remove the background from videos perfectly (presets and instructions included)
  • Done-for-you templates included (just copy and paste your own details inside)
  • Swap the spokespeople with your own
  • Mix and match different scenes
  • Easy to use (no learning curve)
  • Commercial License included (use the videos in unlimited commercial and client projects)

If you bought some green screen people videos in the past, you can import those videos into these templates to create awesome scenes.

If you bought an “avatar” or “presenter” making app, you can import those avatars into these templates to create your own unique videos.

You can even use the templates with mascot toon characters or cutout photos.

Get a Whole Suite Of Tools To Create The Perfect Green Screen Spokesperson Video…

Module 1: Green Screen Removal Presets

Remove The Background Of Your Videos Perfectly With Copy & Paste Presets


This module is all about keying out (removing) the background from your green screen videos. I will give you presets that I personally use to get the “perfect key”. Plus easy to follow instructions on…

  • How to get rid of green outline around the person
  • How to get rid of green patches around the person
  • How to remove green spill on the person
  • How to get rid of transparency inside the person
  • How to soften the edges
  • How to blend the person into background seamlessly
Module 2: Professional Done-For-You Template Scenes

Get Done-For-You Templates To Quickly Create Awesome Spokesperson Scenes Just Like This…


Studio Scene Maker

Put your spokesperson inside professional studio scenes without renting a studio yourself.

These editable scenes come with a TV monitor where you can add your own footage. Plus phone number, website and logo placeholders.

Spokesperson Scenes

Put your spokesperson into all kinds of different professional template scenes.


Intros and Outros

Add a sleek intro or outro to your spokesperson video with your logo, company name or slogan, phone humber and website URL.

Module 3: Fun and Eye Catching Done-For-You Template Scenes

Instantly Grab People’s Attention And Make Your Videos POP


Create Toon Hybrid Scenes

This is a fun animation template that is sure to get noticed. With this animation a cartoon box opens and a person pops out of the box, along with some text. You can put any other person or cartoon character inside the box.

Combine With 3 Animations

Make Spokesperson Pop Out Of a Real TV Screen

Module 4: Spokesperson Text Animations

Help Your Spokesperson Communicate Your Message With Text Animations


Bullet points

Add animated bullet points with checkmarks next to the spokesperson to help illustrate certain key points.


Need more space for your text? Use this template to add a stylish sidebar to your video with multiple lines of text.


Text captions and subtitles

Easily add text captions to along with what your spokesperson is saying.

Animated CTAs

Add a call to action to your video that tells people to get more details below.

This template has a subtle arrow animation pointing down along with some text.

Module 5: Spokesperson Graphics Elements

Add Motion Graphics & Animated Elements To Your Spokesperson Videos

Animated Mockups

Put your image or videos inside of animated rotating device mockups.

And put those mockups next to the spokesperson at the exact moment you want them to appear.


Product Cover

Introduce your product cover with a perfectly timed animation. Different animations are included where your product pops into the screen, slides in, etc..

Hand Drawn Media Box

Make any image or video appear inside a hand drawn media box.


Box open and pop up

This is a fun animation template that is sure to get noticed. With this animation a cartoon box opens and a person pops out of the box, along with some text. You can put any other person or cartoon character inside the box.

Logo Overlays

Want to build brand awareness for your business? Add these logo overlays on top of your videos, and show off your brand in style.


3D Speech Bubbles

Make your spokesperson communicate with animated 3D speech bubbles.

Type in your own text, position and resize the speech bubble to fit your scene, and chose from different speech bubble shapes.

3D Comic Phrases

Add some emotion and excitement to your spokesperson videos with animated 3D comic phrases.

You’ll get different shapes with different phrases like: Aaah, Awesome, Bang, Boom, Great, No Way, Whoa, Wow, and more.


Give Your Projects An Instant Makeover

The above are just a few examples of what you can do, but you can do so much more. You can copy & paste the animations on top of any text, logo, video or image. Create ads, VSL scenes, intros, outros, logo stingers, viral images, invitations, Instagram stories, spice up your green screen videos and much more.


Choose from 50+ scenes

You will get done-for-you scenes with spokespeople in different situations plus motion graphics and text already added to the scene.



Type in your own text, change the colors, move things around, resize the animations to fit the size of your photos, etc..


Swap out spokesperson

You can swap out the placeholder spokesperson in the template with your own. Or use a mascot character instead.


Easily Create Spokesperson Scenes With Done-For-You Camtasia Templates

All of the example scenes you see above are included in this package. You’ll get editable Camtasia templates for all these scenes (and more) so you can quickly edit them with your own details.


Use With ANY Other Video or Graphics Editor

If you don’t have Camtasia or just prefer to use some other video editor, no problem. You will also get all of the animations in MP4 format, so you can use them with pretty much any other app that supports MP4 format.

Plus you’ll get PNG/JPEG image versions of each graphic so you can even use them with your non-animated projects like eCovers, website graphics, static social posts, etc..


Ready-To-Use Assets Compatible With Pretty Much Everything (Plus editable Camtasia templates)

The assets come in industry standard formats which are compatible with pretty much every graphics editor, video editor, website builder, etc.. So no matter where you want to use these assets, you’ll be able to add them to your projects without a problem.


Camtasia Template

You will get a Camtasia templates with 50+ different scenes with all of the animations, spokespeople, logo placeholders, product cover placeholders, and text effects already in place.


MP4 Video

You will also get MP4 videos of all the animations and animated scenes without the text. You can use these videos as-is or add your own text to them using any video editor.


PNG Image

You will also get a PNG image version of each scene, so you can add them to any graphics project.


Try It Risk Free

If you’re hesitant for any reason, or you’re not sure if this product will work for you, you’re covered with this guarantee. Try it absolutely Risk Free for 30 full days, and if you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back.

Grab Your Copy With a Commercial License

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