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Grab 8 More Of My Latest Graphics Products With 85% Discount

Want some more graphics products at a discounted price? On this page I put together a special deal where you can grab 8 more of my latest graphics products for a highly discounted price. These are full products that sell today for $19.99 - $49.99 each, but with the offer on this page you can grab them all for a fraction of the cost. You can also choose between a Commercial or PLR license for all the products.

Let me show you what you get…

Art Makers Pack V1

Turn Any Image Into A Sketch, Cartoon, Painting, or Comic Book Drawing

9-in-1 Art Makers: Instantly apply artistic effects to any image

This product will give your images an instant makeover. With Art Makers Pack you can make any image look like a sketch, or an oil painting, or a comic book illustration, and more.

It’s a great way to make your images stand out and look more interesting. You can use it to create awesome looking social posts, product covers, blog headers, etc..

It’s SUPER EASY to use

You simply drag any image you have saved on your computer into where it says “PUT IMAGE INSIDE” and hit save… then your image will magically transform into an artistic drawing.


You will get a PSD file for each Art Maker with all of the effects already nicely formatted with the best settings. These files are compatible with Adobe Photoshop or a free online graphics editor called Photopea. So Photoshop is NOT required. You can edit the files online (or use Photoshop if you prefer).

eCover Mockups Pack

Create Amazing Looking 3D Product Covers In Minutes


If you sell any kind of intangible products online like ebooks, software, apps, etc.. having a good looking eCover for your product is a must.

A nice 3D eCover adds more perceived value to your product, it makes you stand out from the competition, it makes your product look more professional, it's great for branding, etc..

And with eCover Mockups Pack you'll be able to create over 50 different photo realistic 3D eCovers for your products... in minutes.

Create eCovers like: book covers, software boxes, magazines, and spiral bound reports

Action FX Animations

Create Action Packed Videos, Animate Your Photos, Make Your Text POP and More...

Create Action Packed Text and Headlines


Make your plain text look more exciting by adding some action FX animations to it. Create exploding headlines, add bullet holes to your bullets points, set your text on fire, and more.

Animate Your Photos


Create eye catching and entertaining scenes by combining photos with animations. Works great with regular photos and cutout photos.

Create Attention Grabbing Intros


In this example I took a cutout photo of a man punching and added a wall break animation to it. It took just 2 minutes and the final result JUMPS at you and is sure to grab attention.

Create Earth Shattering Cartoon Videos


Add these animations to your cartoon videos to bring them to life. In this example I took a cartoon character and added a collapsing ground animation.

Introduce Your Products With a BANG


In this example I added some ground cracks when the box drops onto the screen, plus an explosion to make the box fly away.

All of the example scenes you see above are included in this package. You’ll get editable Camtasia templates for all these scenes (and more) so you can quickly edit them with your own details.

Add your own text, swap out the cutout photos, characters and green screen videos for your own, move things around, change the colors, etc..

Particle FX Animations Pack V1

Create Awesome Looking Logo Animations, Text Effects And Cinematic Videos

With the previous upgrade offer I included V2 of Particle FX Animations. With the offer on this page you get V1, which has different animation and templates from V2.

  • Great for text, logos, ads, viral images, invitations, Instagram stories, and more.
  • 25 pro animations to choose from
  • Compatible with pretty much every video and graphics editor
  • Done-for-you templates included
  • Easy to use (no learning curve)
News Studio Toolkit

Put Yourself Or A Spokesperson Inside A Newsroom Studio

No actual studio or video equipment required

With this product you can put yourself or a green screen spokesperson inside a realistic looking virtual news studio. This product comes with a whole set of different templates and assets including:

  • 3D animated "Breaking News" intros (music tracks included)
  • Monitor mockup where you can put a video or image
  • Breaking news headline with scrolling text
  • Animated virtual studio backgrounds (that look like a real news set)
  • Plus transitions, audio files, blinking "Live sign", lower third, and more

You can use this product with Hitfilm or Canva (templates provided).

Or use the MP4, PNG and JPG assets with any other video editor.

Sketch Animations Pack

Copy & Paste 100’s Sketch Animations Into Your Projects

Whiteboard doodle sketch videos are super popular these days. They are proven to increase conversions and keep your viewers engaged.

Sketch Animations Pack will help you create whiteboard sketch videos by giving you 100's of animated graphics to use in your videos.

With Sketch Animations Pack you get 20 modules of all kinds of useful graphics like objects, icons, devices, lower thirds, callouts, and more.

What makes Sketch Animations Pack different from other doodle graphics packs is that all of the graphics in this pack are animated. The subtle animations make the graphics more engaging and interesting to look at. 

The animations come in MP4 format, plus you also get static PNG images in case you prefer non-animated graphics.

Cutout Photo Animations Pack

Bring Your Photos To Life With Done-For-You Cutout Photo Animations

Cutout Photo Animations makes it easy for you to create animated videos out of cutout transparent PNG images.

You get done-for-you template scenes with photos, animations, backgrounds, and text effects already in place.

All of the creative work has already been done for you… you just copy and paste your own text, and you have a great looking visual scene done in minutes.

Here are just some of the animated scenes included:


Military Animated Scene

In this scene there is a burning fire and embers flying across the screen, giving it an action movie feel.


Martial Arts Scene

In this scene there are comic book style animated lines appearing rapidly around the martial artist.


Working With Data Scene

In this scene there are different “data” elements flying into the screen, along with your own text which you can edit.

If you bought some cutout photo packs in the past - you can use this product to create animated videos out of your cutout photos

If you create sales videos and VSLs - you can use these scenes as part of your videos to illustrate certain points

If you create video ads - you’ll get dozens of scenes for some of the biggest niches and topics that you can use as a basis for your ad.


Turn your cutout photos into cinematic animated scenes in minutes. Create video ads, sales videos, viral social posts, memes, and more.

  • Turn your cutout photos into cinematic animated scenes in minutes
  • 30 done-for-you scenes included
  • Swap the photos with your own
  • Mix and match different scenes
  • Easy to use (no learning curve)
3D Animated Stickers Pack

Copy & Paste 100 Animated 3D Stickers Into Your Projects


This product is a collection of 100 different 3D animated stickers, including all kinds of different items like: icons, sale signs, speech bubbles, objects, money animations, and more.

These graphics are in animated GIF format which you can copy and paste straight into your Powerpoint slides, Camtasia projects, Canva designs, websites, etc..

They also have a transparent background so you can add them on top of any other design.

If you were to buy these products separately you’d pay…

Commercial License

Art Maker Pack - $19.99

Particle FX Animations Pack - $19.99

eCover Mockups Pack - $19.99

Action FX Animations - $19.99

News Studio Toolkit - $19.99

Sketch Animations Pack - $19.99

Cutout Photo Animations Pack - $19.99

3D Animated Stickers Pack - $19.99

Total value if bought separately = $159.92

PLR License

Art Maker Pack - $39.99

Particle FX Animations Pack - $49.99

eCover Mockups Pack - $49.99

Action FX Animations - $49.99

News Studio Toolkit PLR - $29.99

Sketch Animations Pack PLR - $39.99

Cutout Photo Animations Pack - $29.99

3D Animated Stickers Pack - $29.99

Total value if bought separately = $329.92

These are not made up numbers of the products “value”, but actual prices these products sell for today and actual prices people have paid for them individually.

You can grab them ALL for a fraction of the cost…

You have 2 different options to get this bundle...

Option 1: Commercial / Developer License


With this license you can use the product in your own commercial projects and projects you create for clients.

You can charge your clients money for the projects you create for them using the assets in this product.

You buy it once, and you can use it in unlimited number of projects, royalty free.

Option 2: PLR License


With this license you can sell this product as your own, under your name, your order buttons, etc..

You will get the main product itself, this same sales page, sales video, graphics files, and email swipes.

With the PLR license you can sell unlimited number of copies and keep all of the money.

No Thanks - I don’t need this upgrade


Try It Risk Free

If you’re hesitant for any reason, or you’re not sure if this product will work for you, you’re covered with this guarantee. Try it absolutely Risk Free for 30 full days, and if you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back.

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