Summer 2024 Special OTO2

Thanks for your purchase. Before you go to your downloads make sure you check out the special upgrade offer on this page...

Get PLR To 4 PREMIUM Graphics Products For Half The Price Of Just 1!

Thanks again for all your purchases. With the final offer on this page you have a change to get a PLR license to 4 of my latest premium graphics products.

I sold PLR to each of these products for $197 before, but with the offer on this page you can grab all 4 with a massive discount.

You can sell them on their own, cross sell them, use them as OTOs for each, and A LOT more with the flexible license. Let me show you the products that you get…

#1: Camtasia Toolkit PLR (sells by itself for $197)

Drag & Drop Your Way To Amazing Looking Videos Using Camtasia

Get done-for-you templates, assets & training to create videos like this…
This video was created 100% with animations and templates from this package. You will get access to templates to create your own videos just like the one above.

Video Creation Is Hard - Let Me Simplify It For You

You no longer have to be a professional video editor to create awesome looking videos. If you own Camtasia and can follow some simple instructions, you can create truly great looking videos.

The short sales video above was created 100% using templates and assets included in this toolkit, and 100% using Camtasia.

So if you liked the video above, you will get ALL of the scenes from that video, and many more scenes that you can edit with your own details.


Create everything from Promo Videos, Explainer Videos, VSLs, 3D Animations and more…

Clean Promo Videos

Create sleek, modern and clean looking promo videos. This template comes with multiple different scenes with sidebars, lower thirds, titles, and more.

Sales Videos and VSLs

Create videos that sell. This template is heavily based on text on a white or black background. Plus scenes combining text with matching images or videos for a specific concept.

Explainer Videos

Explain certain concepts with animations and text. You’ll get all kinds of different scenes that you can mix and match.

Video Ads

Have a special discount sale coming up? Let your customers know that they can save money on your products with a video ad.

3D Animation Videos

Want to REALLY grab your viewers attention? Add these eye-popping 3D animated scenes to your videos!

Fancy Text Animations

Make your text stand out and POP. These templates are great for titles, trailers, section headings, etc..

Particle FX Animations

Create magical looking videos with particle FX. You can add these special effects on top of any video or image.

Tips and Lists Videos

Create short videos that give your viewers tips or instructions on something.

Device Mockup Videos

Place your videos inside different device screens like laptops, desktops and TVs. All of these mockups take place in the real world with real people using the devices.

Photo Slideshow Videos

Show off your photos in style. Create photo slideshows with captions out of any images you have saved on your computer.

Logo Reveals

Show off your logos in style with clean and modern logo reveals. Simply drag and drop your logo image into placeholder, and type your text.

Pre-Keyed People Videos

These templates feature people doing all kinds of different actions and gestures along with text animations that match the action. The background of these videos has already been keyed out (so you don’t have to mess with green screen settings).

Mix & Match Scenes To Create Your Own Unique Videos

Each scene is nicely formatted with text, images, animations, transitions, etc.. You can take these scenes, and arrange them in any order you want. Creating your own multi-scene videos.


Mix & Match Elements From Different Templates

The cool thing about these templates is that they’re super flexible. You can mix and match everything to create your own unique hybrid scenes. Combine real footage videos, with animated text, with explainer elements, with 3D animations, etc..

Example #1

For this example I took a desktop video mockup, put a Black Friday discount template inside the screen and added a particle effect at the end.

Example #2

For this example I combined a pre-keyed person with a Clean and Round animated sidebar.

Example #3

For this example I put a pre-keyed person inside Old Chest 3D animation.

The above are just a few examples of what you can do – and you can do A LOT more. You can combine multiple text animations, 3D animations, stock videos, images, icons, transitions, etc.. And freely move them around, resize, rotate, etc.. The possibilities are endless.

#2: Cover Mockups Pro PLR (sells by itself for $197)

Create Amazing Looking 3D Product Covers In Minutes


People DO judge a book by it’s cover…

… Or a software by its box cover.

If you sell any kind of intangible products online like ebooks, software, apps, etc.. having a good looking eCover for your product is a must.

A nice 3D eCover adds more perceived value to your product, it makes you stand out from the competition, it makes your product look more professional, it’s great for branding, etc..

And with Cover Mockups Pro you’ll be able to create over 100 different photo realistic 3D eCovers for your products… in minutes.

Create eCovers like: book covers, software boxes, binders, magazines, reports, DVDs, brochures, and more!

This is my biggest and best product for creating 3D mockups. It sells by itself for $37 (Commercial License) and $197 for PLR.

#3: Stock Videos Bundle PLR (sells by itself for $197)

When it comes to buying stock videos and images from stock footage sites, prices can vary dramatically anywhere from $5 to $100+ for just 1 video. You can easily spend $10 here, $20 there, $30 there, etc.. buying stock footage individually.

AND the most popular stock footage site gives you a “single use” license to use the stock footage on just 1 project. You need to pay more to use them on multiple projects.


With this product you get 350+ videos and 350+ image versions of each video, for a total of 750+ stock assets… that you can use on unlimited projects!

I personally shot all of these videos myself so they’re all custom made and not from copyright-free stock footage sites.

Choose From Tons Of Different Locations

City Streets, Parks, Nature, Beach, Ancient Ruins, Shopping Malls, And Much More…

#4: Background Makers and Source Files PLR (sells by itself for $197)
Background Source Files Set #1

Create Your Own Backgrounds By Adding Any Image Or Video Backdrop Inside The Window


These PNG files have a transparent window area, so you’ll be able to put any video or image backdrop inside the window. This way you can create your own custom backgrounds, with a city of your choice inside the window.

If your business is in New York, put an image of the New York skyline inside the window. This gives you tremendous flexibility. Create unlimited background combinations, for yourself or your clients.

Background Source Files Set #2

Create Your Own Stylish Backdrops With “Background Makers” Editable PSD Templates

“Background Makers” are editable PSD templates that allow you to quickly customize and create your own fancy backgrounds like: Open Window, 3D Room, Stage, Clean Studio, and much more. You get layered PSD source files, that you edit the with your own details. Change the images, change colors, move things around, etc..

Open Window Maker


Room Maker


And all kinds of other Background Makers…

Background Source Files Set #3

Abstract backgrounds editable PSD templates with layered effects you can turn on and off, mix and match, move around, etc..

With this set you will get 80+ abstract backgrounds in layered PSD format. Since you get layered PSD files, all of the elements you see on these graphics can be modified. You can… Turn certain effects on and off, mix and match different graphics, change the colors, move things around, resize to any size, and more…

There’s hundreds of different ways to customize these graphics. So you can use them as is, and have a nice design ready to go in minutes, or you can customize them and create your own unique designs.


With this license you can sell these products as your own, under your name, your order buttons, etc..

You will get the main product itself, this same sales page, sales video, graphics files, and email swipes.

With the PLR license you can sell unlimited number of copies and keep all of the money.


Try It Risk Free

If you’re hesitant for any reason, or you’re not sure if this product will work for you, you’re covered with this guarantee. Try it absolutely Risk Free for 30 full days, and if you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get your money back.

If you were to buy these products separately you’d pay…

Camtasia Toolkit PLR - $197

Cover Mockups Pro PLR - $197

Stock Videos Bundle PLR - $197

Background Makers and Source Files - $197

Total value if bought separately = $788

These are not made up numbers of the products “value”, but actual prices these products sell for today and actual prices people have paid for them individually.

You can grab them ALL for a fraction of the cost…

You have 2 different options to get this bundle...

Option 1: Commercial / Developer License


With this license you can use the product in your own commercial projects and projects you create for clients.

You can charge your clients money for the projects you create for them using the assets in this product.

You buy it once, and you can use it in unlimited number of projects, royalty free.

Option 2: PLR License


With this license you can sell this product as your own, under your name, your order buttons, etc..

You will get the main product itself, this same sales page, sales video, graphics files, and email swipes.

With the PLR license you can sell unlimited number of copies and keep all of the money.

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