Vintage Upgrade Animated Quotes

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Turn Plain Text and Images Into Great Looking Animated Quote Videos - Using Camtasia

No tech skills required - Simply drag and drop your images & text inside

Brand New Camtasia Templates To Create Animated Quotes Videos (with PLR)

Quotes videos mostly focus on text and usually have some slight animations that compliment the text. They might also have an image of the person who is saying the quote, or some kind of a background image or video.

These type of videos are great because...

  • They're popular and get shared by others
  • They're easier to create than other types of videos
  • You don't need to be on camera
  • You don't need a lot of animations, camera angles, transitions, etc..
  • You don't need a long script

All you need to create a quotes video isโ€ฆ

A short list of 5-10 quotes and maybe an image of the person saying the quotes. And a bit of creativity on how you combine the text with an image.

To help you with the creativity part and to save you time on actually creating the video itself, I put together a new pack of Quote Video Templates which you can edit in Camtasia.

Introducing Camtasia Animated Quotes Pack

  • 5 different templates included
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • Everything you see in the demo videos is included (music tracks, images, special effects, etc..)
  • Easily replace images and music with your own
  • Fully edit the text (change fonts, resize, move around, change colors, etc..)
  • Works with Camtasia 2022

This set of templates will make it easy for you to turn plain text and images into great looking quotes videos.

The templates come with animated text, slight visual effects to compliment the text, images that blend into the background, plus a background music track.

Everything is already done for you, and you just copy and paste your details inside, saving you lots of time.

And with the PLR license you can even sell this template to others and have high quality content to share with your audience.

Choose From 5 Different Done-For-You Templates

The animated templates in this pack are for famous quotes from Marcus Aurelius. But you can easily replace the text and images to be for any other quotes from any other person. Or even use them for other text-based videos like recipes, jokes, quick tips, etc..

Animated Quotes Template 1

Animated Quotes Template 2

Animated Quotes Template 3

Animated Quotes Template 4

Animated Quotes Template 5


Open templates in Camtasia

The templates were created in Camtasia 2022. If youโ€™re familiar with Camtasia, you should be able to edit the templates pretty quickly with your own details.


Add your image and text

Replace the placeholder image in the template with your own. And edit the text to say what ever you want, using any font, colors, etc..


Export as MP4 video

Create as many videos as you want and export them in 1080p using Camtasia export feature.

Camtasia Templates

You will get 5 different Camtasia 2022 templates for the exact videos you see on this page. Everything you see in the videos is included (music tracks, images, visual effects, text animations, etc..) Everything is fully customizable and you can change the text, colors, fonts, move things around, re-arrange different elements and scenes, duplicate scenes to make the video longer, etc..


Use This Product Yourself Or Sell It To Others

You can use this product in your own business and it will save you hours of time. But it gets even better because youโ€™re also getting a PLR license which gives you a lot more options on what you can doโ€ฆ.

Use it in your own commercial projects and projects you create for clients. You can charge your clients money for the projects you create for them.
Edit the product to your liking. You can take things away, add new elements and customize.
Beef up your sales funnels and make more money from your existing products by adding this one as an upsell.
Sell to different markets. I mainly sell my products to Internet Marketers on platforms like WarriorPlus and JvZoo, but there are so many other untapped marketers and networks out there.
Add it to a paid membership site

You can add the full product or just the content within the product to your paid membership site, and give your members additional value without doing much work yourself.

Create brand new products

You can take the ideas behind this product, combine them with other ideas, put your own spin on them, and create your own brand new variations out of all the source files.

Sell UNLIMITED copies. Whether itโ€™s 1 copy, 10 copies, or 10,000 copies. This gives you a limitless profit potential.
Put your name and brand on it, and sell it as your own. It comes completely unbranded without any mentions of my name, without a photo of my face on it, watermarks or links back to my brand or site.
Use as bonus content for your products or for products you promote as an affiliate.
Bundle into bigger packages by adding more content to this product and charge higher prices for your bundles.
Create new versions. You get full source files to everything, so you can create new versions of this product. The core product idea is there. The editable sales page is there. You get source files to all this stuff. This makes it MUCH easier to create new versions, because youโ€™re not starting from scratch.
Use assets in your own products

Take parts of this product, and add them to your own products to beef them up. For example in your apps, WP themes, templates, plugins, etc.. Itโ€™s an easy way to add value to your own existing products.

Sell from your own domain and website. You get HTML and image files which you can upload to any site. Or create your own sales page.
Control the sales and delivery process using your own order buttons from your platform of choice.

Ready To Get Started? Grab Your Copy With PLR License

I usually sell PLR licenses to my products for $39 - $199 each. For this offer Iโ€™m trying something different and Iโ€™m pricing it at a much lower price. But this price is on a dimesale and it will go up every few sales.

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PLR License

What you CAN do:

[YES] Sell the product to others with commercial / developer rights

[YES] Rename and rebrand the product

[YES] Edit sales page and sales materials

[YES] Break up the product and use assets in templates and apps that you sell

[YES] Edit the content and create new variations or versions (V2, V3, V4, etc)

[YES] Create brand new products out of the source files

[YES] Package into a bigger product

[YES] Offer as a bonus to a paid product

[YES] Add to a paid membership site

[YES] Have your own affiliate program

What you CANโ€™T do:

[NO] Give away for free

[NO] Add to a free membership site

[NO] Offer through auction sites

[NO] Transfer Resale Rights

[NO] Transfer Master Resale Rights

[NO] Transfer Private Label Rights

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